Click! 2021 PIC Grant (Programming Innovations for Click)

The Fourth Annual $2500 PIC Grant for Photography Programming

The 2021 PIC Grant winner is Liz Williams

Pop Up show: October 15 Fri @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Durham Arts Council

120 Morris St. Durham, NC


Spectrum of Hope:

What We See at the End of the Rainbow

Is a multi-generational visual conversation that invites LGBTQIA+ folks in the Triangle to come together for a community-based art project that asks the question “what vision do you have for the future individually and collectively”. Through small-group hands-on workshops, we offer the support needed to help participants create multilayered photographic portraits that act as an exploration of hope. Together the individual portraits contribute to a community vision board that allows us to aspire together towards a better future for LGBTQIA+ folks and the world at large.

This project is led by Liz Williams of Southern Equality Studios, a program of the Campaign for Southern Equality ( with support from the LGBTQ Center of Durham and Maker’s Circle.

























2020 Click! PIC grant winners

Susan Patrice: The Six Feet project.

Virtual Gallery on our website.  Curator/Artist zoom talk available on our YouTube Channel.

Will Crooks

Six Feet is a collaborative photography project that inspires photographers to create personal and intimate images from within this time of social distancing and confinement. They host thematic photography forums and facilitated practice groups free of charge to all photographers committed to making work during the COVID-19 pandemic. The PIC grant will support the Documentary Photography Forum Series and Practice Group and The PIC Grant will culminate in a curated exhibition of work from the Six Feet project at the Durham Arts Council.



Big Camera 

Postcards for the Pandemic Pop-up Show- Plus a pop-up Camera Obscura!
The Fruit

Postcards for the Pandemic

John Allen, Anna Lawrence and Donna Moore of The Big Camera focus on bringing photographic education to settings in which traditional/analog photography may no longer be included in curricula, to marginalized groups and to adults and children who have an interest in optics, science, art history. It makes accessible theories of photography to the broadest possible audience. Due to the pandemic, the Big Camera will now be working with area photo groups and schools to create Lumen Prints as part of the “Postcards for the Pandemic” project. We are pleased to be working with the Karen Youth Art Group, the Chapel Hill Camera Club, the Capital City Camera Club, the Frank Gallery artists, the Cedar Ridge High School Photography program, Through This Lens/Durham Arts Council, the North Carolina School of Science and Math and the Duke University MFA program. Click! will have a on-line exhibit of this work and finished work will be mailed as postcards. A pop-up display of this work during Click! 120 will be at the Fruit from Oct 16-18. (Click! note: due to the pandemic, The Big Camera enclosed trailer that is converted into a camera obscura will not be making appearances at Click, but we will create a pop-up  camera obscura at the Fruit. The Big Camera is supported by A1LabArts.



Will Warasila: Big Backyard a publication and exhibit

Super Graphic Wearhouse.


A group show and publication of images that respond to the ideas of invisibility and during these uncertain times, juxtaposing private and public spaces. Participants Tom Rankin, Chris Sims, Phyllis Dooney, Jeremy M. Lange, Cassandra Klos, Rachel Jessen, Alanna Styer, have been asked to point their camera at the people close to them during the Covid 19 isolation.