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It was such a magical and amazing time and experience for me to join you all! I am still and will probably forever be basking in the wonderful afterglow of Click! 2018. I know how hard all of the team worked to make it seamlessly happen and am forever grateful to all of you. I am also so grateful for all the new friends that I made and time spent with friends I already knew. Did I mention how magical this festival was already?! Can I just come back and do it all over again?! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the best of times!

Paula Riff

It was an extraordinary experience and I am so grateful to everyone for all of their hard work! I will be recommending Click to a whole bunch of people! Bravo to all of you who made this such a memorable event. Missing you all.

Melanie Walker

Mind blown, family grown!

My world has changed in a powerful way. I’m filled with awe and deep gratitude for what you all accomplished, and deeply honored, humbled and grateful to have been included in this remarkable group of artists, which, of course, includes the uber-talented team and reviewers. I will continue to rave about the over-the-top, well thought-out and planned week and the stellar, stunning, exhibits, the work we had the privilege to view, and the artists we were able to meet and be inspired by. You are all in my heart forever.

Wendi Schnieder

I was so impressed with the stupendous and loving energy the CLICK team conveyed to all of the participants. Lori you ARE wonder woman and amazed me daily with your great energy and megawatt smile, a gift to everyone. Bryce your leadership was so apparent and I know you have been working tirelessly without complaints! We could all see and feel the amazing details that went into every aspect of the event, all beautifully orchestrated! I can’t believe all that you accomplish with such a small team! This is not a small Festival!

It was a privilege to participate in CLICK and meet so many great artists as well as connect with such an outstanding community. And thank you Frank and Ellen for the fabulous party, food, drinks and Madame Maybe! There wasn’t a missed detail.

Linda Foard Roberts,
North Carolina

It was the warmest photographic event-you all made we attendees feel sooo special-and provided a most wonderful forum for making new friend. THANK YOU TEAM CLICK!!! YOU guys are A M A Z I N G !!!!

JoAnn Chaus
New York

What a week! I completely agree with what everyone has said. It was all so magical. I have started and erased this email so many times .. thinking of all the thanks I want to give … but instead of writing a novel ..

Thank you to you all. You are my people! You speak my language…and SEE and FEEL what so many miss.

Tobia Makover

The entire Click Team went all out to make this a special event for all 20 participants. Beyond accommodating for all of us and you would never know how established & successful each of the team members are in their own right. Enjoyed spending time when it was available with a stellar group of 20 photographers. Thank you for the discussions throughout the event!

Eric Kunsman
New York

We can’t dip our toes in the same river twice, because the river changes, as do we. This event was my first review experience two years ago, and I have grown and changed so much because of it and the people I met there. This year was a different experience, and wonderful in all new ways.

The river of CLICK Photography Festival is strong and deep, and a lovely place to be. THANK YOU, Lori Vrba, and the team for having vision and a great group of people surrounding you to pull this off every year!

Sara Silks

For a first time out it appears for all accounts that I could not have picked a more embracing venue. All were terrific, encouraging, warm and embracing. It was so powerful that it knocked out my power all week, only to have finally return tonight. Or at least I don’t think it was the hurricane.

Jeffrey Stern