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Digitizing Your Photos - Rapid high-quality digitization using a digital camera with Peter Krogh, Author, The DAM Book


Click! is pleased to partner with Art Institute of Raleigh Durham to present this seminar as part of the Click! Academy. 

Photographers, companies and other institutions with large photo collections have always had to make hard choices when deciding what to scan. Traditional scanning processes are slow and expensive, limiting the number of images to the available budget. This limit requires the curation of the collection to be an expensive physical process, rather than a digital one, as film and prints are sorted between “scan” and “don’t scan”. Worse yet, important frames and story elements can be overlooked in this physical process.

Scanning with a digital camera can dramatically increase speed and decrease cost, with very little practical trade-off in quality. Camera scanning techniques have become widely used at top tier museums and other cultural heritage institutions, but the practice is still not widely known among photographers and other collection managers. 

Peter Krogh has been researching and writing about camera scanning techniques for more than a decade, and has helped set up systems at the Library of Congress, the National Archives and several private collections. His new book provides a comprehensive guide to the process, using off-the-shelf hardware and software. Using these techniques will allow rapid and complete digitization of transparencies, negatives, prints and other documents in a reproduction quality archive.

In this presentation, Peter will outline the camera scanning process from start to finish, and show how it will help unlock the value of any physical photo collection. You’ll see how to configure your hardware, perform quality control on your scans, capture nearby information, catalog the images, and curate them into new works.

10am - noon, Friday, Oct. 6

The art institute of raleigh-durham

AIRD @ AMERICAN TOBACCO | 410 Blackwell Street, Suite 200 | Durham

Fowler Building at ATC

2nd Floor Check-In

Room: 217/218

*Light refreshments will be provided

Seminar is free and open to the public.