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Alex Harris: Near and Far @ Craven Allen Gallery

My childhood home in Georgia, though privileged and suburban, was oddly ephemeral. My family had gone through several divorces and all the neighborhood families I knew either split up or moved away. I think now that is why I was so drawn to live and photograph in the oldest and most traditional settlements in North America: the remote Inuit villages of Alaska, and the isolated Hispanic communities of northern New Mexico.  As a photographer, I was eager to come as close as I could to the lives of the people in my pictures.

By the time I arrived in Cuba, I was no longer the same person who looked through the lens of my camera in search of family and community. I had my own family. And I was finally interested in photography itself, in what my pictures could tell me that I wasn’t already searching for or didn’t already know. I was also aware one crucial thing from my earlier work as a photographer that served me well in Cuba and guides me in my work today: how to immerse myself in a world and at the same time observe it, how to step back from the moment I am experiencing and take a picture – how to be at once near and far. -Alex Harris

 Star Warehouse, Rigsbee Avenue, Durham, North Carolina, September 198

Star Warehouse, Rigsbee Avenue, Durham, North Carolina, September 198

Opening Reception

Saturday, September 30, 5 -7 pm

Gallery Talk and Book Signing  with Alex Harris

Wednesday, October 25, 5:30 – 7 pm

Along with a gallery talk of the exhibition Near and Far,  Alex Harris and Margaret Sartor will be signing copies of Dream of a House: The Passions and Preoccupations of Reynolds Price.  Talk begins at 6:30.

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