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Picturing African Americans: One Hundred Years of Vernacular Photographic Portraits @ The Vintage Image Gallery


Through an historical survey of vernacular portraits of African Americans, this exhibit provides an opportunity to explore the dynamic interplay between photography and culture.

 Photographs from the 1850s to the 1950s - a period of dramatic political and social change that also saw dramatic changes in photographic technology – help illustrate how African Americans were portrayed by others and then how they chose to portray themselves as they gained expanded control of their own photographic images.

 Drawing exclusively on the personal collections of the co-curators, the exhibit also reinforces the role of the passionate collector in the support and appreciation of photography.


Jim and Jane Finch, Durham    

DelouisWilson, Chapel Hill

Dennis O. Williams, Raleigh


Gallery Hours:

Thurs 10/12:  4-7p

Friday 10/13:  4-7p

Thurs 10/19:  4-7p

10/12: Exhibit Opening

10/13: Panel Discussion (5:30 pm):  "Collecting vernacular photography"

10/19: Discussion with Co-Curators (5:30pm):  "The Passion of Collecting."

The Vintage Image Gallery

909 Broad St, Durham

Business hours:  5-8pm 

Contact:  Jim Finch,, 919 623-7800