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The Fence: PechaKucha Photography Night! @ Durham Arts Council Theater

PechaKucha Photography Night! 20 slides, 20 seconds each with the Durham FENCE Region's Winners on stage at the Durham Art Council's PSI Theatre, followed by a meet-the-artists reception.


CLICK Photography Festival and the FENCE partner to celebrate our region's winning photographers who placed amongst the top of the thousands of submitters to United Photo Industries' FENCE 2017:
National winner, top 41 world-wide: Lori Vrba | Drunken Poet’s Dream

Top 100 world-wide:
Bryce Lankard | Drawn to Water
Chris Ogden | Stones Echo
Gesche Würfel | SE Raleigh
Joe Lipka | The Labyrinth
Leah Sobsey | Collections
Marthanna Yater | Growing Together: A Study of Twin Sisters Over 32 Years
Sarah Dale | It Brings All Things They Say
Shawn Rocco | Flickerland (Series II) 
Warren Hicks | Urban Display

The fast paced, engaging PechaKucha presentation style started out in Tokyo from Klein-Dytham Architecture and has expanded around the world. It's been used for work in progress to new and mature work, thoughts and ponderings, arts to tech, et al. Audiences enjoy them, whether photographers (of all skill levels) or creative-minded people of all ilks. Some of the winners might go in depth about their series shown on the FENCE; some may provide behind the scenes, "making of," inside scoops; some may creatively share their artistic process or inspirations; some may read a poem; who knows what others might do. Quick, targeted, oddly in-depth, and entertaining!

Afterward, enjoy some wine and cheese and ask the photographic artists what were they thinking.

This event is free and open to the public.

For more information, check out

 Passerine Cyanea by Leah Sobsey

Passerine Cyanea by Leah Sobsey

The FENCE is a large-scale traveling photography exhibition reaching over 4 million visitors annually through open-air exhibitions in 7 cities across the United States: Brooklyn, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, Santa Fe, Durham, and Denver.

Conceived by United Photo Industries and Photo District News in 2011, it was presented for the first time in 2012 in Brooklyn Bridge Park and has since grown and flourished through a series of strategic partnerships with like-minded cultural organizations across the United States.

The Durham instance of the FENCE is brought to you by the Durham Public Art Committee (, a committee of the Cultural Advisory Board (, appointed by the Durham City Council, and supported primarily by the Office of Economic and Workforce Development and the General Services department.

The presentations and reception are being hosted by the Durham Arts Council!

Durham Arts Council Theater.

120 Morris Street, Durham, NC 27701