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MIMIC by Alyssa Miserendino -Opening Reception @ the Carrack

Artist Talk 6:30pm

 Mom and Corvette by Alyssa Miserendino

Mom and Corvette by Alyssa Miserendino

MIMIC is both an exhibition and book project of re-photographed original

photographic prints with flash, and manipulated originals. All images are

taken from my family archive, spanning about 20 years and consisting of

over 5,000 images. My father, who I rarely speak with today, took most, if

not all of the images included in this project.

In 2001, I saw my father for what I believed was the last time. He told me

he was on the run, living out of his car. He left our house taking all my

mother’s clothing and some of his clothing. Left behind was his

methodically labeled family archive of photographs; prints we were often

not allowed to touch without his supervision. I wouldn’t see him again until


In January of 2015 I took the archive to my studio, nailing around 1500

images to my walls, covering them from floor to ceiling. At some point I

came to the realization that my father suffered from anti-social personality

disorder, while working through this process. In December of 2015 my

mother confirmed two family therapists came to this conclusion over a

decade prior.

The images presented here, at the Carrack, are not necessarily

sequentially ordered, and display my father’s discipline in non-linear form.

This backdrop I imagine as time. “When [Einstein’s] great Italian friend

Michele Besso died, Einstein wrote a moving letter to Michele’s sister:

“Michele has left this strange world a little before me. This means nothing.

People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction made

between past, present and future is nothing more than a persistent,

stubborn illusion.””1

I’d like to think my father used the camera not as a means to his indexical

“now,” but as a means to connect with people. It was an act of discipline. “The

sense of the dedicated act is to serve, not oneself, but the object of one’s

dedication, and it is therefore characterized

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