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Artist's Talk: Chris Ogden-ESSENCE of PLACE: America’s Southwest @Cary Photographic Artists

ESSENCE of PLACE: America’s Southwest @Cary Photographic Artists

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Always a dynamic and engaging speaker, Chris Ogden will take us on a pictorial, fun, and informative journey via his outstanding photography about what makes the Southwest unique in the world. We’ll explore the top 10 elements that create a singular combination of wild, and sometimes downright odd, features that offer something for every type and level of photographer. It’s a wonderful combination of big skies, empty roads, and vast vistas; magical land forms of hoodoos, tents, spires, buttes, arches, slots, potholes, moquis, fins, varnish, stripes, waves, and sherbets; inhospitable yet inspiring dunes, deserts, badlands, salt, craters, calderas, and malpaíses; mysterious mines; scarcities yet torrents of water; mazes of land ownership; gnarly, prickly, rugged, tenacious flora; highly adapted critters; and “Hand of Man“ impacts (from the obvious to the implied), and Wilderness Lost. 

With thousands of potential photos queued up about this captivating topic, Chris tailors each talk to the night’s particular audience. Across all of it, Chris weaves in teaching about how to Take Your Best Shot (full workshop November 4th ).

Chris Ogden is a respected professional fine art and landscape photographer who is sought-after as a photography competition juror, print critiquer, mentor, and trip planner. Chris teaches photography through workshops and courses at places such as Duke University, camera clubs, custom 1-on-1 training, and in the field via special private photo expeditions into the wilds of Iceland, Cuba, Death Valley, Escalante, Lake Powell, Bermuda, and beyond. His prints are frequently shown at museums, galleries, and other arts venues and enthusiastically owned by private and corporate collections alike.  Check out his websites for more info: and


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Event hosted by Cary Photographic Artists.

The Cary theatre, 122 E. Chatham Street, Cary