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ArtistTalk by Justin Cook: Voyager @ Mercury Studio

Mercury Studio and The Makery will host an artist talk and reception for Justin Cook's photographs and reflections from a recent trip to the American West. There will be a reception on the October Third Friday that will also feature Makery Vendors Juniper Bay Metals and Cameron Vintage.


"Twenty fifteen was a tumultuous year of change, so in June 2016, I went west, alone, to find room to grieve and just be. I bought a little digital rangefinder camera, I flew to Vegas and drove to Zion and Yellowstone National Parks, through Montana, to Seattle and Aberdeen. I found wonder and boredom, fallen heroes and modern-day cowboys; hellscapes, unspoiled sanctuaries, and national parks choked by tourism. I photographed this unromanticized American West. These are the pictures, mixed with scraps of what I was reading, what I was listening to and notes from the road."       Justin Cook

The Makery @Mercury Studio Back Room Gallery

401 Geer St

Durham NC 27701