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Best Practices Track: Digital/Analog Asset Management. A conversation exploring the care and feeding of your archive

A part of our Best Practice series of educational events. Many photographers these days shoot digitally, but what about those diehard film holdouts. What are the best practices for cataloging, archiving and protecting your analog assets? How does one care for a private collection. Both film and prints require special care and feeding. We will examine how to protect and maximize those valuable assets and even discuss ways to convert your film archive into a digital one.

Panelists: Burk Uzzle, Del Zogg, Chris Ogden and other panelists TBD

Moderator: Stephen Fletcher, Photographic Archivist
North Carolina Collection
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Center for Documentary Studies
  • Duke University
  • 1317 W. Pettigrew Street, Durham