Just Breathe-OPEN CALL! Deadline is SEPT 22nd

Just Breathe is a one night only fine art photography event highlighting the work of a diverse group of emerging Southern artists. It is a unique dynamic and engaging viewing experience. The exhibition will be at the Greensboro Project Space on the evening of 27 October 2017.

  there you are  by  christopher wayne

there you are by  christopher wayne

The rhythms of Southern life, its ebb and flow, are the subject of Just Breathe. Each featured artist will explore the motif of breath: free expression, the passage of time and the cadence of life and culture. Just Breathe will include practicing artists, students and the self-taught, people from various cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds, straight and LGBTQ artists—and varied photographic media: film, digital, alt processes, and more.

open call DEADLINE SEPT. 22ND!  Check out 18percentgrey.org for details.

bryce lankard
Annenberg Center for Photography's REFUGEE @ THE FRIDAY CENTER Opens Sept. 25.
 Displaced people in Myanmar. ©Lynsey Addario

Displaced people in Myanmar. ©Lynsey Addario


covers the disenfranchised Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar.

creates portraits of refugee mothers and children from the Central African Republic and neighboring Cameroon.

documents displaced families in Colombia.

creates portraits of refugees newly resettled in the United States.

follows the path of refugees fleeing to Europe.


bryce lankard


Bryce Lankard | Drawn to Water 
Chris Ogden | Stones Echo 
Gesche Würfel | SE Raleigh 
Joe Lipka | The Labyrinth 
Leah Sobsey | Collections 
Marthanna Yater | Growing Together: A Study of Twin Sisters Over 32 Years 
Sarah Dale | It Brings All Things They Say 
Shawn Rocco | Flickerland (Series II) 
Warren Hicks |  Urban Display

And our local artist who will be featured on the National Fence, Click's own Lori Vrba!


bryce lankard
Click! 120 Pass
 Meet Ms. Tasha and her bus Esther, who will be our chariot during the Click! 120 Art Bus tours.

Meet Ms. Tasha and her bus Esther, who will be our chariot during the Click! 120 Art Bus tours.

Space is very limited on the Click! 120 Bus so we only have a few passes available. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and sign up now!


bryce lankard
The Fence is coming to Durham
 The Fence in Atlanta

The Fence in Atlanta

THE FENCE is an outdoor photography exhibition series with an annual audience of more than 3 million visitors.
Over the past 4 years, THE FENCE has consistently attracted exceptional work by talented photographers from around the world, giving us an opportunity to share these powerful photographic narratives with a diverse audience of millions of visitors annually, while providing photographers with a truly public platform and unexpected career opportunities.
For our 5th edition this year, we’re pleased to announce the addition of a $5,000 cash prize for the Jury’s Choice Winner and an additional outdoor exhibition venue in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Photographers of all levels are invited to submit work that fits under one or more of our 6 thematic categories: Home, Streets, People, Creatures, Nature, and Play.

Once submissions are completed, an international jury of photography professionals will be called upon to review and select 40 photographers whose submitted work exemplifies the essence of “community” across cultural boundaries and geographical lines.
The selected projects will be presented in a series of large-scale, curated, outdoor exhibitions across 5 cities in the United States: Brooklyn, Boston, Atlanta, Houston, and Santa Fe.


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